Our e-Commerce solution allows our clients to achieve their goals and save money in the process.

We use Zen-Cart, a very strong, open source, user-friendly shopping cart software for our basic package. Unlike other providers, we take care of setting up your shopping cart and teach you the basic functions you need to know in order to operate your business. Our superior design skills allow us to create just about anything, making any Zen-Cart look completely unique.

Our standard e-commerce package starts at $1500 and includes up to 8 hours of actual design work. We like designing websites alongside our clients, and therefore strive to communicate online as well as try to meet face to face whenever possible. Turnaround time for an e-Commerce solution is usually two to three weeks.

Not everyone is aware of what owning and operating a shopping cart actually involves as far as "hidden costs" go, so we strive to be direct and inform everyone about it up front.

You will need:

  • An SSL Certificate - Can cost up to several thousand and is an annual fee. (We sell Geo-Trust certificates for $150 annually.)
  • A Merchant Gateway - This depends highly on your banking institution. We recommend using Authorize.net (and the cost ranges around $40 monthly.)

You may want to have:

A site seal / PCI compliance scanner, such as a McAfee (http://www.mcafeesecure.com/us/), or TrustGuard (http://www.trust-guard.com/)

  • A BBB Accreditation
  • Secure (PCI Compliant!) Hosting, which we can offer for $240 annually.
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