Unreal Engine 4 Curves For



is a plug-in for Blender that allows you import and export root curve information from Unreal animations.

Take your animations one step further without the need of using Maya or 3dsmax - right from Blender 2.8

Download Ue4Curves:

Download File:UE4Curves v1.1

For Blender 2.8


Install as you would any plugin, access from import menu or our BoneBreaker addon.

* Updated 7/23/2019 (1:52pm)

Current Release Notes:

Adjusted the plugin to be able to export non mannequin animations/files.

Addon Usage:

Here is a quick installation and utilization video.

Written Instructions:

  1. Open Blender
  2. Click on Edit and select Preferences (Edit > Preferences)
  3. Within the Preferences Panel click the Add-ons Tab.
  4. On the Add-ons tab click the Install Button at the top right and select the Zip file you downloaded.
  5. Right after the file install is complete check the checkbox next to "Export: UE4FBX".
  6. That's All! You can now find the new "UE4 FBX (.fbx)" options wihtin your File>Import and File>Export menu.

Past Version notes.

1.0 First Official Release
This was the first official release, we can finally allow the general public to export curves to the FBX via this plug-in. The plugin did not seem to cause any issues for our internal team.
Updated 7/11/2019 (6:52pm)

0.5 Integrated to BoneBreaker 3.5 Alpha
A private test version was made avaliable for testing purposes to few select individuals. This version is now obsolete and served as the base for extrapolating this plugin.
Updated 6/29/2019 (6:52pm)