Our Design Services

We love to express our artistic side and create.

If your company or business isn't forgotten, you will finalize your sale and be one step closer to success.

When clients come to us with a vision we strive to convey it within their identifing designs while creating innovative materials that awe and impress their clientele.

We craft much more then code constrained web sites!

Our designers are all experts in prints and collateral crafting. Laying out business cards, flyers, brochures, or billboard advertisements needs just as much attention as a website - if not more.

Over the years we have seen a large quantity of sloppy designers who don't even bother to understand the automatic human response to colors, or the difference between legible and illegible content.

That is not us: our team has extensive experience and strives to understand and keep up with the ever evolving studies on human behavior!

What can you design?

Logos / Identity

A Logo is your company's brand image that will be used to aid and promote instant public recognition to your desired audience. It is critical that it convey the concepts and values of your brand to your target group. At MostHost LA we know that the key to an effective logo design is taking into consideration human behavior to choose colors and symbolic forms and attach that to a value or service they need. We proactively seek out your information and design the logo face to face with our clients to ensure total accuracy.
Starting At: $130


Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Banners, we can design it all; even magazines! We dedicate perpetual attention to detail and continuously question the reason behind every single feature, comma, or period of any particluar design. Striving towards perfection we take into account every single word and paragraph, carefully typeseting it to fit in just right. Moreover by following basic human behavioral principles and matching the design to your current website we guarantee that your collaterals won't go un-noticed, or get thrown away!
Starting At: $30

Banners Emails

An important step in modern advertising is e-mail communication. At Most Host LA we can create your own email layouts that will help you communicate effectively with your clients. Whether you are soliciting sales, sending account information, writing a newsletter, or sending a simple "welcome" email, your clients will most likely be more interested in a presentation similar and in tune with your website. That's just what we can offer! Our designers and coders have years of experience in the field and can satisfy all needs!
Starting At: $19.99