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Identity Branding

Designing the right logo takes a lot of thinking and experience. Transforming the client's idea into a viable graphic is a process. At MostHost LA we specialize in this art as well.

Here is how it all works

1 Initial Idea

logo sketch

The client presents us with the initial idea.

The name of the company, the general idea of the logo, and the artistic direction are all generally determined by the client themselves

Very often the clients provide an initial "sketch" on a piece of paper - something similar to this actual sample.


2 Idea and Material Collection

initial rough draft of a logo

We take some time to create possible solutions depending on what the client needs are. A good logo in 2019 is usually square, so it can be utilized seamlessly across multiple media and social networks.

After agreeing on some ideas we request any other needed materials. For this particular case the client wanted to be within the logo herself so we asked for a picture of the pose she wanted to use.


3 Initial Development

initial rough draft of a logo

We create a rough draft of what the client asked for based on the materials provided and the initial sketch, and directions from the client along with what we believe works best.

The work is often divided in multiple steps, the initial sketch, and the assembling of the overall idea.


4 Initial Feedback

Many hair styles

At this stage clients start to make decisions on a few options, or make request changes such as choice of colors and so on.

This particular client requested around 40 different samples of different hair-do mockups, so we created them freehand - sometimes this is just faster.


5 Secondary Development

initial rough draft of a logo

After hard choices are made, we refine our initial design and combine it to those choices.

This often ends up as something rather artsy but in no way close to the final product. This logo image is a good example of that.


6 Secondary Feedback & Development

logo WIP in purple

Now that we have what the client is looking for in terms of overlall look, we need to decide or review different things to make it happen.

In this case it was rather simple, we removed color tonality by setting it to the client's requirements and changed the cup design to fit a more stylized look.


7 Final Assembly

logo WIP in purple

With the creative process nearly finished it's time to finalize and assemble what will become the logo.

For this particular client, who utilizes social media, we settled on a round brand like stamp and we tied it in along with the font of their choosing in this customized composition.


8 Final Post Processing

A Soulful Cup Final SVG

We usually provide clients with different types of files depending on needs. Generally, an AI file can be provided once all final payments are received. Depending on the logo design, a PDF crafted to adapt to any size is often provided to you. While the PDF is what most clients need, other formats are also common, the leading one in 2019 is SVG.

To create your logo as an optimized SVG file we have to re-work the logo into line-art if it isn't already in vector format. This process can and often does cause alterations to original art that should be negligible and acceptable.

In the case of this client, our work was already Line Art, so the conversion process wasn't particularly complicated and most importantly did not cause many or any alterations. Here is a sample Scalable Vector Graphic of the logo; Click it to open a new window where you may stretch the browser around to see how it adapts flawlessly to any size.



We start our design process at $130 and go up from there depending on client needs. Some logos are extremely simple. Some like the one depicted above require much longer and finer work. For those complicated endeavors, we offer time packages as we do for everything else. If you need us to design your logo just contact us and we will provide you with a free quote.


Additional Logo Samples/Portfolio

All the following logo and WIP shots are samples of our original work


Capoeira Pulse Logo Sketch


Capoeira Pulse Logo Draft


Capoeira Pulse Logo Final


La Motion Logo Sketch


La Motion Logo Draft


La Motion Logo Final


Shiatsu Inesi Logo Sketch


Shiatsu Inesi Logo Draft


Shiatsu Inesi Logo Final


Platinum Reserve Collective Logo Sketch


Platinum Reserve Collective Logo Draft


Platinum Reserve Collective Logo Final