Social Media Marketing

Creating a respectable brand that people naturally want to talk about is only the first step towards success.

Social Platforms are a great contemporary way of expanding your brand and business. The implementation of a specific marketing campaign that reflects your company culture is the only sure way to capitalize and leverage the buzz your product or brand creates on its own. Directing the conversation equates to increasing your sales.

Public Relations factor in as a large portion of our SMM strategies, we help to direct the conversation about your brand or product in today's consumer driven market. Making sure your customers are satisfied goes a long way towards bolstering your brand or product's presence and the opinions that people share online.

Wether you wish to adopt a passive approach or an active approach in your social media campaigns, you must take care of having someone analyze the resulting feedback and act appropriately. Responding to customer demands means increasing your trust within the market, having a solid social media presence will provide you and your business with an invaluable source of real time information - this is no small feat when planning a succesful marketing campaign.

We spare no details in setting up and managing your social media pages. Our rates start at $500 a month to manage your social media entries and include the professional writing of one blog entry.