Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a fine and little known art-form. We pride ourselves in being amongst the most competitive SEO specialists who help your clients find your company first!

By outdoing uninformed and superficial competition who charges way more then it's due, we can get you excellent organic results.

Our pricing varies depending on the amount of creative content involved. We start at a minimum of $500 and provide you with the needed research and creation of specific meta tags for up to 3 pages. We also ensure that your content is SEO friendly and correctly worded, as well as properly styled to extend user engagement.

Should you need special day-by-day attention, we provide a monthly service starting at $350. Contact us for more information.

Our SEO Specilities

MetaTag and Titles

We will examine your competition's pages and create MetaTags and Titles to best them in organic results!
Usually, web developers forget or don't care to create websites that are SEO Friendly. At MostHost LA we know the importance of proper website optimization; we keep up to date with the ever changing algorithms that govern the organic search results on various search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Only few understand the true importance of Social Media in today's fast paced, socially driven world wide web. At MostHost LA we realize the importance and necessity for any business to reach out to its clients and their friends.
When you have a properly monitored and carefully crafted social media presence you are simply bound to see increases in sales, forging your brand, and growing your business.

Link Building

Aside from a review of your basic GUI design, our Link Building service is based on an exchange of links amongst our clients, and other high ranking websites.
By Exchanging links, we help generate more traffic for all parties, and possibly provide your readers and clients with additional services. This unique process allows your website to be shown up on top of organic searches even faster than usual!

Online PR

Online Public Relations are just as important as Social Media, Proper Meta Tags / Titles, and Link Building in today's heavily driven consumer market. If you or your website have been reported or have some negative reviews, we will work with you to straighten out the incidents to satisfy your customers, and reverse the negativity by turning it into a positive! This generates some great press to share online, detailing how the situations were handled, and the client's final words of satisfaction!

PPC Management

We can handle your AdWords, AdCenter, Yahoo! Search Marketing, or other minor PPC provider campaigns.
Generating a specific list of keywords based on the basic contents of your website we'll drive more interested traffic which along with our constant monitoring of sales will increase your conversion rates! Our PLW software's internal tracking combined with any type of PPC will provide a 100% accurate sale tracking, helping us define and accrue the real cost of your PPC campaign!

Affiliate Maketing

Be warned, we do NOT help scams!

Affiliate Marketing is basically allowing someone else to advertise for you, and pay them a percentage of the sale in return. You may think of it as hiring a "commission" based sales person.
We can create custom tracking solutions, or if you are on our PLW software simply activate our Affiliate Marketing Speck Pack. Either way, we'll allow your marketers to review and directly track their sales!