A solid framework

Powering your Dream Website

Our custom CMS

Our flagship software Pro Light Web has consistently evolved over the past decade to redefine the web as we see it. PLW allows our team to create your professional and lightweight website in a few days rather then a few weeks.

Like many Content Management Systems (CMS), it provides a solid framework with most of the basic functions you'd expect and are probably accustomed to with Wordpress - the only real difference is how much better it makes the end user experience after in the completion phase.

Unlike Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal, our CMS is specifically tailored to provide the best compromise possible between proper search engine optimization (SEO), Page Speed, and design.

What features does the software offer?

A step above "SEO Friendly"

In contrast to many of our competitors, our software makes no compromises when it comes to SEO.

Create pages on the fly

None of our created pages are database-based, thus promoting page load times over other solutions.

SEO Friendly URLs

Upon creation of a page, you get to pick the page URL your self. You can literally type in anything you want. (Following and remembering the basic URL writing rules helps.)

What You See is What You Get

We proudly use a custom version of TinyMCE to allow the administrators to manage the website pages. We offer the ability to modify the source of the page's content directly, or to manipulate the page through the editor. This makes all of our customers able to directly manage every minutiae of the website such as ALT tags or Title Tags on images, and it's extremely helpful when creating new content.

Direct MetaTag Access

All of our users are able to hire us, or any other company, to modify their page content and SEO entries on the fly. We even offer a special account access for SEO administrators that only allows access to the sections they directly require. This literally allows you to hire anyone to work, without having to worry about user privacy breaches, or complicated non disclosure agreements.

Customizable User Registration

Adjust registration pages on the fly

including changing the layout to what best fits your personal client retention tests.

Adjust required fields on the fly.

Collecting as much or as little information in one go.

Account Requirement redirection

We deny website access to those users who did not provide all your required information, thus enforcing the information to be entered.

Analytics Flow Tracking

We worked tirelessly to provide a registration flow with individual URLs that can be natively tracked through Google Analytics flow in order to monitor conversion rates directly.

Accurate Internal Analytics

While we don't natively offer anything as evolved as Google Analytics, most times what Off-site web analytics provide is simply not accurate or not enough for our users.

Through our software, our clients have always enjoyed an easy-to-read internal user tracking system.

Our software natively monitors user flow in real time. Individual user page flow and visit duration is available to browse in real-time as it gets collected. This basic functionality, which not many CMS's have, has always allowed our clients to compare and contrast actual user visits with analytics data collected off-site - and in some cases, to prove that the conversions they were paying for never really occurred.


We have always focused on modularity; the ability to incorporate many different code-modules, allowing our users to expand their business as they see fit. We currently offer the following modules:

  • Multilingual Support - Need to have your website in more then one language? Not a problem. We support unlimited languages.
  • E-Commerce module - A product listing module that applies all the best SEO practices to a shopping cart system.
  • Questionnaire Module - Surveys? Custom Information Gathering? Advanced testing such as Personality types? Not a problem.
  • News/Blog feed - A simple way to create blog entries, or news entries directly on the website. RSS feeds included.
  • Image Gallery / Slide-show - A simple way to manage a photo gallery, or allow users to upload photo albums in a time-flow similar to Facebook or Instagram.
  • Menu Localization - Modify your web-site's menu on the fly.
  • Recipes module - Do you have some recipes to share with your user-base? We have a specific module to do just that.

Don't see what you are looking for? Not a problem. Creating a custom module is not as expensive or time consuming as you might think! Get in touch for a custom quote on creating your own module.