From Instanced


to Dynamic

Responsive Foliage in Style

Get a more dynamic feel in your UE4 game by allowing for your foliage to respond to characters and events.

Allow your players to interact with foliage assets - Including pick up.

Collision Channel Setup

V2 Update + Interaction Setup Guide

What is Dynofoliage?

Content for Unreal Engine that allows users to easily get any instanced foliage actor replaced by a custom skeletal mesh.

With this addon you can:

  • Create dynamic moving foliage. Replace static instances on the fly, Each instance will self manage it's own descruction, preserving perfomance.
  • Create Interactible foliage - Pick up a plant, a part of a flower, even remove instances on the fly by adding a few components and setting their variables.

  • Easily expand this Blueprint Only System to include your own interfaces and components, thus creating in minutes what would otherwise take hours of tiral and error and development time.
Check out this playlist for updtes/information on how to use this product.

Now Avaliable on UE4 Marketplace

Download our Current Sample Project.
Extract, and doubleclick the UE4 executable DynoFoliage.exe to see the level in action.